Writeboards Package Deal One For Teachers


Reusable Handwriting Boards and Worksheets for Teachers

  • We have the only worksheets and flashcards on the market that come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • We have the only reusable writing board on the market that is still being used after nine years in school classrooms.

  • We have the only reusable writing board on the market that can be used with permanent marker, whiteboard markers, dry-erase crayons and watercolour paint that does not stain or shadow.
  • We have the only reusable writing board on the market that does not require any chemicals to be cleaned.
The Writeboard is a unique, portable, engaging, and eco-friendly writing board that gives students independence and control of their learning.
The kids LOVE using the Writeboards and have no problems with wanting to do a handwriting template over again. No more "I'm finished. What do I do now?"
    • See for yourself how our eco-friendly, chemical free Writeboard performs, and how much your students enjoy using the Writeboard.
    • You will not have to replace it year after year and we are sure you will be approaching the Principal to buy more for your classroom (if not the entire school).

    • You will also have access to over 2500 colourful worksheets & flashcards to use with the Writeboard for eighteen months. All our digital downloads also work with interactive whiteboards, tablets and iPad's.
    The write on / wipe off element encourages students to have another go, measuring progress only against themselves.
    The children love the novelty factor the Writeboard brings to their lessons.
      Handwriting Boards and Worksheets for Teachers, Teachers Package Deal includes Writing Boards and Worksheets

        Handwriting Boards and Worksheets Package Deal One for School Teachers

        This package includes:
        • Six A4 Writeboards (valued at $179.94).
        • An eighteen month Writeboards Site Licence for your classroom (valued at $99.60). This will give you access to over 2500 worksheets to use with your students.
        • Free Delivery (up to $29.99 Australia wide).

        Note: It is unlikely that the delivery cost will exceed $29.99, however, if it is does we will contact you before we dispatch.

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