Occupational Therapist Site Licence - VIC Modern Cursive Font

Welcome to Writeboards Site Licences for Occupational Therapists. We have two different VIC Modern Cursive Font Licences available. All the products included in the licence are displayed below the two Site Licences that are for sale.

As an Occupational Therapist you have an important job teaching children to form letters and numbers correctly. Writeboards think that it is imperative that you teach these children to write using the right font. Unfortunately that is not the case and there are quite a few Occupational Therapists out there that are using look-a-like fonts to teach their students.

In their defence (just like when Writeboards first started out), they have no idea that anyone can make a font and call it VIC Modern Cursive Font and then sell it through educational suppliers and the internet. They have no idea that books can be published and called VIC Modern Cursive Font handwriting and not use the right fonts and they also have no idea that there is no overseeing body (that exists world wide) that even cares about what is going on in the education industry.

When you career depends on being right you require the BEST in the world. All our VIC templates are backed by our money back guarantee.

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