Include the Writeboard in the School Book Fee

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We have two products that are available to include in your school book fee:

1. The Writeboard which is $29.99.

2. The Writeboard Kit which is $59.77 (a package with one Writeboard, worksheets, markers and an eraser all enclosed in a sturdy tin).

So parents do not have to pay individual delivery fees, Writeboards can dispatch any of our products straight to your school in a bulk lot. Parents may also receive discounts when your school makes a bulk purchase.

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Get Free Writeboards for Your School  

We have two options available for the parents of your students to purchase discounted educational packages.

  • These packages can only be bought through your school and are not available anywhere else (including our website).
  • For each purchase that is made by a parent, your school will receive a Free Writeboard to keep and use for years to come.

To find out more about these offers, please contact Writeboards.

NOTE: This can also be run as a fundraiser for your school or utilised by the Parents and Friends Association.

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