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Writeboards Clear Reusable Writing Board, Ratings Banner

An average day in preschool costs around $75.00, so keeping that in mind we put our Writeboard into an educational package that would make it more accessible and affordable for the average family

This Kit has over $180.00 worth of products!

The Writeboards Kit contains:

  • One clear reusable A4 Writeboard 
  • Two whiteboard markers.
  • One magnetic whiteboard eraser.
  • One storage tin that also doubles as the perfect lap table for the Writeboard so it can be used in the car, at the park, at an appointment etc.
  • Two educational digital downloads of your choice for free (worth $99.98).
  • Writeboards Club free digital download (worth $29.99).

Our Writeboard Kit still comes in $15.00 cheaper than a day at preschool and only costs $59.99

Writeboards clear reusable writing board is so economical to buy

BONUS: For a limited time when you purchase either a Writeboard Kit or a Family Writeboard Kit  you instantly become members of our new Writeboards Club. This entitles you to choose one of our $29.99 packs for free and also receive discounts on other educational programs.

To see what educational worksheets and templates that are available to go with your Writeboard Kit go to our Which Font Do I Choose page.

Schools and Professionals

The Writeboard Kits cannot be personally purchased by teachers or professional to use as a teaching aide. All professionals will require a Writeboards Site Licence to use our downloadable resources.


Writeboards clear reusable writing board for schools and childcare

The perfect environmental solution for your school or child care centre. 

The Writeboard Kit is all enclosed in the one tin and it can easily be transported between school and home, just like a book. 

This has a threefold effect:

  • This enables the parents or carers to be able to use the free downloads and the Writeboard at home with their child (Positive - the parents or carers benefit from the investment they made at home with their child).
  • If a student leaves the school they take the Writeboard Kit with them as it was purchased by their parents (Positive - the parents or carers own the Kit and if their child leaves the school they take it with them).
  • This enables the school or child care centre to save quite large amounts of money over the years and also decreases their environmental footprint by massive amounts at the same time (Positive - both the parents and teachers are happy they are helping to save our environment and reduce their environmental footprint).

To see the amount of money your school can save and also what an imprint your school is having on our environment...WE URGE YOU TO READ Implementing The Writeboards System.

Special Needs

Writeboards Clear Reusable Writing board is a must for special needs

Over the eight years we have been in business The Writeboard Kit has also been utilised by many Occupational Therapists for their students. On many occasions the cost of the Kit has been claimed back from the government grant their student has been allocated.

We encourage all parents and carers to check with their Occupational Therapist before they purchase. Your child may be eligible to get the Writeboard Kit for free!

Read more about the A4 Writeboard

See if Writeboards clear reusable board writing board fits your needs

Take this quick quiz (if you have not already done so) that will help to identify if the Writeboard could benefit your child:

  • Would you buy a reusable board that could help cut out the use of paper for eight years and and also aid in saving our environment?
  • Would you buy a reusable board that does not stain or shadow?
  • Would you buy a reusable board that could be used with whiteboard markers, dry-erase crayons, watercolour paint and even permanent marker?
  • Would you buy a reusable board that could be placed on top of any book so your child could reuse that book again and again?
  • Would you buy a reusable board that would assist in improving your child's self esteem?
  • Would you buy a reusable board that could help your child learn how to form letters and numbers correctly?
  • Would you buy a reusable board that could help teach your child to draw and paint?
  • Would you buy a reusable board that could help teach your child basic music, how to tell the time and maths?
  • Would you buy a reusable board that could help teach your child to spell and read?
  • Would you buy a reusable board that your child may still be using in over eight years time that would assist them with any school subject they are learning and actually make learning fun?
If you answered yes to five or more questions it looks like your child could benefit from a Writeboard or one of the related products.
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