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Why Would You Buy Writeboards Busy Books?

Why Would You Buy Writeboards Busy Books?

  • Many people are creating busy books these days, however, most of them just include a multitude of busy pages.
  • These busy pages will do exactly what they are meant to do, and that is keep your child busy (and that is it).

If you are aiming for your child to excel at attaching Velcro...You are on track!

Here is a Real Life Example

  • Imagine your child starting school and their teacher spent a maximum of 10 minutes on each subject.
  • In¬†a normal day the teacher would include¬†many more than 10 subjects that¬†your child had to learn. Let me ask you...At the end of that year would your child know anything?


Writeboards Busy Book System is designed to help your child actually learn new things

With our introduction of our flashcards, posters and bingo games; your child will actually reaffirm what they have been doing in their busy book and extend their learning by observing posters, playing games and actually having FUN (without knowing that they are doing the same thing).

Our Posters

Our posters are designed to be used:

  • On your child's bedroom wall.
  • On the toilet door.
  • On the fridge
  • Used as a place mat while¬†your child eats...and the list goes on.

The more you display our posters and your child is exposed to them, the quicker they will learn.

Our Flashcards

Our flashcards are designed to be used:

  • To interact with the you.
  • To play games by themselves.
  • To play games like memory and snap.

Our Bingo Games

Our bingo games have been designed to:

  • Interact with both you and¬†your family
  • Play with friends.
  • Have fun while they learn.

Our Instructions and Guide

  • Each individual Busy Book comes with two pages of Instructions & ideas of how to use the download with your child.

Guaranteed Satisfaction 

  • As our busy books are updated with new content, you will automatically receive the newest version via email. No extra money is required.
  • If there is a problem or a mistake in your busy book (not likely), it will be replaced and updated within¬†48 hours.
Writeboards Busy Book Learning System Get a Thumbs Up!
And Last but definitely not least...ÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅAll our Busy Books will also work with your child's iPad or tablet. This will give them another medium to reaffirm their learning (that is portable).

    Our Busy Book Learning System Continues on to include Worksheets & our Reusable Writing Board

    • As your child gets older and is getting ready for school, we can supply you with Educational Kits that are completed in the exact handwriting style that that your child has already¬†been learning (in their busy book learning system).

    Note: Our universal handwriting style is not completed as yet, however, it is being completed as your read this.

    Our Busy Book Learning System has been designed for children from the age of two and up, in saying that we have customers that have purchased busy books for children that are younger than that. 

      Our Learning System has all the ingredients to Give Your Child A HUGE Head Start! 

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     Australian Busy Books Made for Aussie Kids by Writeboards Universal Busy Books Made by Writeboards
    Put Your Child the ahead of the rest & give them the educational advantage they Deserve!