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Give Your Child an Advantage Over Their Classmates!

Why are Smart Parents and Schools using the Writeboard?

  • Children Love using our Writeboard as they can simply erase a mistake without anyone seeing it.
  • Our Writeboard creates an elevated sense of self esteem for your child as now they are able to get 100 out of 100 each time they use it. 
  • Your child can choose to learn using whiteboard markers, dry-erase crayons, water colour paint and even permanent marker as the Writeboard does not stain or shadow.
  • Our Writeboard can teach your child everything from forming and learning their alphabet and numbers correctly to maths, spelling, drawing, phonemes, phonics, painting, learning to tell the time and the list goes on and on...
  • Our eco-friendly Writeboard eliminates the recycling process as you only ever have to print the page once and it will outlast our Writeboard. Over the eight years we have been in business it has also saved many trees and lots of money for the end user. 

Approved by Parents, Teachers and Therapists

How a Writeboard Can Help Your Child?

  • From the age of three and up, your child will have a clear advantage over their classmates. All our worksheets work with both the Writeboard and today's technology (ipads, tablets, smartboards)
  • In less than two weeks of practice you will see an improvement in your child's handwriting, maths, spelling, drawing or whatever subject they choose to work on. This improved sense of self esteem for your child is undeniable.
  • We have thousands of worksheets to choose from and our Writeboard can also be used with your own worksheets and books.
  • All our worksheets are bright and colourful and not boring black and white. They have been designed that way to keep your child engaged and to make learning fun.
  • After over eight years in business we can honestly say we have only ever had positive feedback on our Writeboard, the most common amongst them has been that children love using the Writeboard simply because it makes learning fun!

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