Free Special Needs Worksheets - TAS Modern Cursive Font

 Free Special Needs Worksheets for TAS Modern Cursive Font

  • This pack is for free for you to download.
  • There are Thirty Seven Free Worksheets in total that will give you glimpse of what some of our templates look like.
  • All of our TAS Modern Cursive Font templates come with our money back  guarantee as we know we use the best fonts in the world.

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    The Writeboard is Highly Recommended by Occupational Therapists 

    Please watch our quick (30 seconds) video to see how our Writeboard can help Your Child excel at school.

    Testimonials for Our Writeboard

    The write on / wipe off element encourages your child to have another go, measuring progress only against themselves.

    I am loving the fact that my son actually sits still and attends to something for more than a few minutes.

    My son was practising tracing his letters on his Writeboard on a Saturday afternoon. A friend of mine dropped in and said to him..."Are you doing schoolwork?"...He replied with..."No this is not schoolwork this is fun!"

    "My daughter has been using the Writeboard since she was three years old. It  has helped her learn her alphabet and how to form both letters and  numbers. I cannot recommend this product enough".

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