Free TAS Beginner Font Handwriting Worksheets - Sample Pack

Would you like to see a sample of some of our templates and worksheets before you purchase?

This pack is for free for you to download. There are twenty seven templates in total that will give you glimpse of what some of our worksheets look like. All of our TAS Beginner Font templates come with our money back guarantee as we know we use the best fonts in the world.

Free TAS Beginner Font sample pack,teachers resources, alphabet,literacy

What do black and white worksheets and books represent to a child at school?
In Writeboards eyes, black and white is boring. It is definitely something that you have to do in secondary school, but in primary school we think children should just enjoy learning.

Free TAS Beginner Font sample pack,teachers resources, alphabet,literacy

For that reason all our templates and worksheets have been designed to be bright and colourful. You will find your child or students will respond to the colour and become more engaged and focused on what they are learning.

When our worksheets are used with the Writeboard, your child or students will actually ENJOY learning instead of finding it boring and tiresome. 

Free TAS Beginner Font sample pack,teachers resources, alphabet,literacy

This testimonial comes to mind:
My son was practicing tracing his letters on his Writeboard on a Saturday afternoon. A friend of mine dropped in and said to him..."Are you doing schoolwork?"...He replied with..."No this is not schoolwork this is fun!"

The most compelling advantage we know about is the fact your child or student can learn at an accelerated pace. Why? Simply because they are actually tracing what they need to know or learn and they can practice it over and over again until they get it right.

Your child or students self esteem will be elevated when they can simply erase a mistake and correct it without anyone seeing or knowing about it. That warm fuzzy feeling of being perfect cannot be bought...Who on this earth does not want to get a score of 100 out of 100?

All Writeboard templates also work with tablets, ipads and interactive whiteboards. This is just another FUN aspect of the Writeboards product.

Download your free sample pack now and you can make your own decision about a purchase for your child or students. You have our permission to share the pack with your friends or family!

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