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Learn to Tell the Time - Pack 2

Special Needs Learn to Tell the Time Worksheets that will Teach Your Child Five Minute Increments

The hour hand does not move in Stage 2. It is about teaching your child how about the minute hand moving in 5 minute increments.

  • To successfully complete Stage 2 of this course, your child should to be able to count in increments of five, example: five, ten, fifteen twenty etc.
  • There are flashcards in this course that will assist them in this learning this exercise.
  • The orange hand represents the five minute intervals, while on the digital display it represents the orange boxes.
  • You will notice on the outside of each clock there are corresponding orange numbers that match the orange boxes... Example: 05, 10, 15, 20 etc.
  • The green hand represents the hour, while on the digital display it represents the green box/and or boxes.
  • After your child is confident with the big clock worksheet (with the minutes on it), progress onto the big plain clock worksheet without the minutes.
  • Once your child has grasped the concept of this print out the past and to clock to teach your child that there are other names for the time like... five past, ten past, quarter past, half past, ten to etc

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