Learning the Days of the Week - Bat and Ball Handwriting

Days of the Week Busy Book Pages, Flashcards, Bingo Game & Poster

These pages are completed in Bat and Ball Font (also known as Stick and Ball Font). This is the style of writing your child will learn when they start school in many countries.

  • One poster to display in your child's room that is color coded (pictured above).
  • Three pages of days of the week busy book pages (pictured above) where your child has to:
  1. Match the colored cut outs with the names of the colored days of the week.
  2. Match the grey cut outs to the grey names of the week.
  3. Used the colored cut outs to work out which day comes next.
  • One page of cut outs for the above three pages.
  • One busy book page of what day is it (pictured above).
  • Cut out for the above page. 
  • Two bingo grids.
  • One page of cut outs and use to play with the bingo grids.
  • Seven colored flashcards with a day of the week on each flashcard (four pictured above).
  • Seven grey flashcards with a day of the week on each flashcard (four pictured above).
    NOTE: The watermark that is on the pictures will not be there when you purchase the product.