Pet Animals - SA Handwriting

Pet Animal Busy Book Pages, Flashcards, Bingo Game & Poster

These pages are completed in SA Modern Cursive Font, this is the style of writing your child will used when they start school in SA.

This package includes:

  • Your choice of two different posters to display in your child's room (one pictured above).
  • One reference page and one grid.
  • Two pages of pet animals that your child has to attach either a name or a picture (pictured above).
  • One page of cut outs for the above two pages.
  • A bingo gird.
  • One page of pictures to cut out and use to play with the bingo grid.
  • Six flashcards with a picture of a pet animal on each flashcard (two pictured above).
  • Six flashcards with the name of the pet animal on each flashcard (two pictured above).
  • Two pages of ideas and different ways to use this package with your child. 
NOTE: The watermark that is on the pictures will not be there when you purchase the product.