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Include Our Eco-Friendly Writeboard in Your School Book Fee

  • Over the twelve years we have been in business, many schools have saved thousands of dollars every year by using our Writeboard.
  • Unfortunately for us, our Writeboard refuses to wear out and the same ones we sold over 12 years ago are still being used in schools today!

      What are many schools using today?

      • Cheap imported whiteboards and dry-erase boards.
      • Plastic sleeves and cheap laminates.
      • Laminates that are made by teachers.

        Why do they uses these disposable products?

        • The initial purchase is low cost.
                                     Schools are destroying our environment

            Although the initial purchase of our Writeboard is more expensive, the end result is very different!

            Let me ask you two questions:

            • Would you like to have extra money to spend on new resources every year?
            • Would you like to be known as an environmentally friendly school that is not only saving trees, but also saving valuable resources?

            Our Writeboards® System can save a school with only 500 students in excess of $9,000 every year...year after year...without even trying! 

            In the process of saving this money, your school could also be seen as single-handedly saving:

            • The death of hundreds of trees.
            • The waste of hundreds of thousands of litres of water.
            • The waste of tens of tonnes of coal.
            • The use of many needless chemicals.
            • The waste of tens of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.
            • Tonnes of whiteboards and related teaching aids from being thrown into landfill and the list goes on...

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                • The Writeboard is a unique, portable, engaging, and eco-friendly that gives students independence and control of their learning.
                • The kids LOVE using the Writeboard and have no problems with wanting to do a handwriting template over again. No more I'm finished. What do I do now?"
                • The write on / wipe off element encourages students to have another go, measuring progress only against themselves.
                • The worksheets can be used as is or you can create your own. Using the Writeboard teaching aide also cuts down on both printing costs and paper usage.

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