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State Family Letters - SA Modern Cursive Font

SA Family Letter Worksheets for Special Needs

Teach your child that SA Modern Cursive Font letters follow eight family designs and that they are related in their formation. 

This printable download includes:

  • The A Family - ad and gq. The C Family - co.
  • Tall Sticks Family - bd, hkl, ft. Tail Letters Family - jgy, pq.
  • Cup letters Family - uy. Walking Stick Family (candy canes) - rnm.
  • Down and up family - vw.  Stand Alone Letters Family - es and ixz.

These are all completed using SA Modern Cursive Font handwriting.

Extras include:

  • SA Modern Cursive Font upper case letters with extra line room for practice ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL, MNO, PQR STU, VWX and YZ.
  • SA Modern Cursive Font Qwerty keyboard with letters, qwerty keyboard without letters.
  • Australian flag picture, Australian flag outline for tracing and colouring.
  • Story page.
  • Writeboards Lines worksheets in two different sizes for extra practice
  • Plain Writeboards worksheet for drawing, doodling etc.

NOTE: This download is for HOME USE only. If you are a school, teacher, business or professional person you will require a Writeboards Site Licence.