Writeboard Kit

To make our Writeboard and worksheets more affordable for the average family we created a kit with all the components inside.

Handwriting and tracing worksheets for NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, SA and WA. Best fonts in Australia

We have colourful worksheets that go from preschool age all the way up to the higher years of primary school. These have been specially designed to help your child excel at any age.

The Writeboard Kit contains over $150.00 worth of products. You only pay $59.99! 

The Writeboards Kit contains:

  • One clear reusable A4 Writeboard 
  • Two whiteboard markers.
  • One magnetic whiteboard eraser.
  • One storage tin that also doubles as the perfect lap table for the Writeboard so it can be used in the car, at the park, at an appointment etc.
  • Four Free e-book downloads to use with the Writeboard worth $99.96. You can choose the educational worksheets that will help your child excel at school.
    Note: On the day that we dispatch your Writeboard Kit you will receive an email from us that will include your discount code to claim your four free ebook downloads.

EXTRA BONUS E-BOOKFor a limited time when you purchase either a Writeboard Kit or a Family Writeboard Kit you will get one of our bonus free downloads valued at $19.99. 

Writeboards clear reusable writing board is so economical to buy

To view our range of e-books and educational worksheets just go to our Which Font Do I Choose page and select your font...Remember once you purchase one of our Kits you get to choose four Free downloadable e-books.

Schools and Professionals

The Writeboard Kits cannot be purchased by teachers or professionals to use as a teaching aide (with our free downloads). They will require a Writeboards Site Licence to use our downloadable resources.

However, they have been used in the following ways with the parents...

The Writeboard Kit is the perfect environmental solution for your school or child care centre! 

Writeboards can tailor each of the above options to fit in with your school or child care centre's needs.

    To see the amount of money your school can save and also what an imprint your school is having on our environment...WE URGE YOU TO READ Implementing The Writeboards System.

    Special Needs

    Writeboards Clear Reusable Writing board is a must for special needs

    Over the eight years we have been in business The Writeboard Kit has also been utilised by many Occupational Therapists for their students. On many occasions the cost of the Kit has been claimed back from the government grant their student has been allocated.

    We encourage all parents and carers to check with their Occupational Therapist before they purchase. Your child may be eligible to get the Writeboard Kit for free!

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