Help Your Child Write The Right Way

July 07, 2017

Help Your Child Write The Right Way

Walk into any big Department store in Australia and you will find an educational section that is supposedly devoted to helping your child's education. Discount stores also have write on boards with the alphabet on them and sometimes books as well.  

What these stores don't tell you as the parent, is that you are teaching your child the wrong way to write and that the educational materials that you are purchasing and paying good money for do not even slightly resemble the shape or the angle of any of the letters or numbers that are taught in any Australian school.

Pictured above is a book that even comes with a free pen so your child can learn to write the wrong way over and over again. You will notice the 3+ on the book, encouraging you as a parent to start teaching them straight away.

If you take this path (which many parents do because they think they are helping their child) by the time your child gets to school they will be even further behind in the class than the children that haven't even began to start to learn to write. How do you think your child would feel?

  • First of all they would be totally confused - mum wouldn't teach me the wrong way?
  • Their self esteem would have taken a huge hit - they thought that they were so good, "Mum and Grandma had been telling everyone how good I am".
  • And lastly the feeling of being dumb or less adequate - such a horrible feeling.

Unfortunately this happens too often. It is not the parents fault, they don't know, but still that doesn't make it any easier for the parent when their child is suffering and having to learn to write all over again.

The book pictured above prompts you to buy this to help you child get ahead. We have all heard about NAPLAN on the news and you know that this is the way your child will be measured against their classmates and other children in Australia, however, no one is telling any of the parents that this is NOT the way your child will write at school.

Here are more pictures of department stores selling you the wrong educational material for your child.

Now I can hear some of you saying, at my school they write like that and to tell you the truth I don't blame you, as no one has told you any different. Over the eight years that Writeboards have been in business they have had parents come up to them and say "Writeboards had the wrong writing, and at their child's school they didn't write like that". Of course they were wrong; however, I understand how confused parents must be. 

The other huge factor is that we trust big department stores and if they are selling them, surely they must be right? After all the sign says "Trusted by teachers", why wouldn't you believe that as a parent, I know I would if I didn't know any different.

Most of this product is imported from overseas and completed using a font called Bat and Ball. So when you purchase this educational material, all you are really doing is making a donation to these companies and teaching your child the wrong way to form letters and numbers.

Writeboards offer an Ironclad 100% money back guarantee that we have used the best fonts in the world for your child!

If you would like to know the right way that your child is supposed to write for your individual State school you can visit the Writeboards website.

Note: While I was out taking these photo's I spoke to one of the employees who had worked in that particular department store for five years. She had no idea that all of the educational material was wrong; she had even purchased it for her own child.

Writeboards encourages you as a parent, grandparent etc. to spread this blog to as many people as possible so children do not have to suffer this heartache. 

 To read about handwriting in Australian Schools please go to our blog called "Aussie Kids Write Five Different Ways"

 Until next time keep smiling...

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