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Australian Handwriting Kits for Your Child

Australian Handwriting Kits & Worksheets for Aussie Kids

The ideal choice for the modern parent who values quality learning materials for their child.

  • Teach your child Australian handwriting the EASY way.¬†
  • Help your child master their sight words, learn their time tables, learn phonics, tell the time, and the list goes on...


    With 14 years of expertise, it can be confidently said that children find both our Writeboard & our colourful worksheets exciting, fun, and engaging. 

    Your Australian School Handwriting Kit includes:

    • One Writeboard + two whiteboard markers.
    • One magnetic eraser + a storage tin¬†(that doubles as a lap table).
    • Hundreds of FREE downloads.¬†All our Australian worksheets & flashcards come with our¬†100% money back guarantee!
    The free downloads included in your Kit, have been designed by teachers; however, with both our Basic & Home Schooling Kit, you choose the free downloads.

    Australian Handwriting Kits include100's of free pages plus our Eco-Friendly Reusable Writeboard

    Our Eco-friendly Writeboard is included in Your Australian Handwriting Kit

    Our Eco-friendly Writeboard can be purchased separately; however, our Kits provide an exclusive and economical way to access our signature Writeboard, allowing your child to explore learning opportunities like never before.

    Our Eco-Friendly Writeboard is included in all of our Australian Handwriting Kits
    • Our¬†reusable board is perfect for both practicing and mastering a wide array of subjects.
    • There are no learning restrictions, just limitless educational possibilities!
    Combining the joy of playtime with rigorous educational standards, this product draws on decades of knowledge to create a unique & engaging experience that your child won't want to put down. 

    My boys love their Writeboards. I can have them doing activities on their Writeboards for long periods of time, without them even realising that they are doing work!

    Why would you use our Writeboard to help your child to learn?

    Why would you buy our Writeboard?
    Recommended, trusted, and used by teachers, therapists, tutors, & parents.


    Free Downloadable Resources are included in your Australian Handwriting Kit

    • There are five different styles of handwriting used in Australian Schools.
    • Writeboards¬†use the best Australian handwriting in the world¬†and offer¬†our 100%¬†money back guarantee on all our Australian worksheets & flashcards.
    • Parents can feel confident that their child's needs are being met and that their purchase is secure.

    Our downloadable resources (designed for 3-9 year old's), provide an interactive & fun way to practice proper letter and number formation, posture, pencil grip & pressure, which all aid in building a strong foundation for your child's educational future. 

    Why would you use Writeboards downloads to help your child to learn?

    Why would you purchase Writeboards downloads?
    Doesn't Your Child Deserve the BEST?

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    Select an Australian Handwriting Kit that will put your child ahead of the Rest!