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The Writeboard Product For Childcare and Preschools


Reusable Writing Boards for Childcare Centres

Our Writeboard:

  • Will save your centre money day after day and year after year.
  • Has been in Sydney schools for over twelve years and the original ones are still being used today.
  • Does not stain or shadow or require any chemicals to be cleaned.
  • Can be used with whiteboard markers, dry-erase crayons and watercolour paint. All applications will be removed with ease.
  • Is A4 in size and easy to hold and manage for younger children.
  • Makes it easy to differentiate activities and brings a fun novelty factor into your classroom.
  • Is a great tool for school readiness and teaching your students how to form their alphabet and numbers, write their name, identify shapes and colours and the list goes on...
  • Provides a wonderful surface for finger painting, stamp painting, free painting. No more holes in the paper for the heavy handed child.
  • Can be used with a light box. 
    • Has no frame around it to baulk your students hand, it is just the same as writing on a piece of paper.
    • Can be photographed, scanned of photocopied to retain a permanent work sample for your students records.
    "I highly recommend this product and company to other child care centres as well as to anyone working with children or young people."

    More Testimonials...

      With our Writeboard:

      • You only ever have to print the page once and it will last for years to come.
      • Your students can trace a hand, a face, a foot, a leaf, a feather etc..
      • Your students will have more confidence in themselves. If they make a mistake it can simply be erased.
      • You will watch your students gravitate towards the Writeboard without any encouragement from educators and be eager to learn new things.
      • Our Writeboard will increase the results that your centre achieves, without any extra effort.
      • Our Writeboard will save Your Centre Money on a daily basis