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Australian Worksheets for Aussie Children

Australian Worksheets and Flashcards For Aussie Kids

We use the best Australian handwriting fonts in the world & that is backed by our Writeboards 100% money back guarantee!

There are five different handwriting styles used in Australia Schools, it all depends on what state, or territory your child lives.

Writeboard back all our Australian worksheets with our 100% money back guarantee 

Australian worksheets and flashcards are everywhere

After nearly fifteen years in business, I have witnessed some really shoddy people out there. These people do not care if your child is forming their letters & numbers correctly, all they care about is making the sale!

  • As the owner of Writeboards, I have personally rung educational stores & they have told me, that they sell all the right Australian handwriting styles for every State & Territory in Australia.
  • I have seen many books that are in print, that have the wrong Australian handwriting.

The fact is it is even more prevalent these days with social media and websites that gather "so called" educational resources & people together. 

Australian Handwriting being Sold by Amateurs 


    What qualifications do you need to sell products on any of these sites? Well I am sure you have guessed the answer by now...there are no qualifications required!

    Let me ask you this...

    • Would you send your child to piano lessons with a soccer coach?
    • Would you¬†let your child go to a school where the teachers were not qualified?

    Even if they giving away worksheets for free, I am sure you do not want to teach your child the wrong way to form letters & numbers.


     Learning to form Australian Letters & numbers the right way

    Writeboards take our responsibility very seriously, so seriously in fact, that when I first started the business, I spent $15,000 creating worksheets using fonts that I had purchased from a large educational store right here in Australia. 

    • The fonts had the same name as¬†what I was looking for, plus the¬†man assured me that was¬†what all the teachers were using in Australia.
    • I had no idea that what I purchased was wrong; it didn't even cross my mind at any stage, why would it?

    Everyone suggested that I just sell what I had made and try and get some money back. 

    • The thought of children learning to form 26 letters of the alphabet and 10 numbers the wrong way was too much to bear.¬†
    • Even though I knew many others were doing it, I just could not bring myself to personally deceive people...So¬†I had to throw all of that money in the bin¬†and start again!¬†

    The good news is that your child is the one who benefits from horrid experience!


      Doesn't Your Child Deserves the Best Australian Worksheets in the World? 

      Writeboards mission is to supply your child with the best Australian worksheets and flashcards in the world.

      Writeboards is the only business in the world to offer:
      • 100% money back guarantee on Australian worksheets and flashcards.
      • Our eco-friendly¬†reusable Writeboard to use with our Australian worksheets.
      Who will you trust with Your Child's Educational Future?


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      We invite you to read our blog on the wrong material being sold every day here in Australia. Go to "Warning be Careful How You Teach Your Child"     

      NOTE: With the National Curriculum the above rules were changed it a little, so that now it was up to the individual school or teacher to choose which font they wanted to use, as long as they chose one of the five Australian fonts.

      Since the National Curriculum Writeboards have noticed that around ninety eight percent of schools are staying with their original State font.

      If you are concerned about this, our suggestion would be to check with the school that your child will be attending.

      If you are a teacher, school or professional person please click here to be taken to your section.