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Writeboards Testimonials

Our Writeboard has been in schools for over fourteen years, we are still waiting for them to wear out!


I absolutely love the fact that is does not matter what my three children are learning; the Writeboard can help them learn it faster. They can practice using the same sheet of paper (and of course their Writeboard) until they have it right and they actually enjoy doing it.

After they have practiced and got the result that they are happy with, I take pictures of their work on the Writeboard that they proudly show the whole family whenever they can.

The Writeboards that I purchased have saved me a fortune in wasted paper and ink and they have encouraged all of my children to do their best work.

Thanks Writeboards for a great product!

Donna Payne (Mum of three)


Just a quick note to let you know we have introduced the Writeboards throughout the school now, from Kindergarten to Year 6.

We use them in our hand writing lessons to practice our letter formation after teachers have modelled this to students. The kids LOVE using the Writeboards and have no problems with wanting to do a handwriting template over again. No more "I'm finished. What do I do now?"

Using the Writeboards and appropriate templates, it is easy for the teacher to differentiate lessons so all students are working at their own skill level. This is very important, especially in composite classrooms.

Finally, (although I am sure there are way more benefits), we use the Writeboards as a basis for many phonics and maths games we play with our students. The Writeboard product is incorporated into all games that we make. Keeping score or giving children additional practice with their spelling and writing is so much easier with the boards. There is no more wastage of paper.

The children love the novelty factor the Writeboard brings to their lessons and we all know how much the brain loves a multi-sensory and novel experience.

Thanks for introducing such a great product

Oriel McGee, St Josephs School, Rosebery

The kids LOVE using Writeboards clear reusable boards, a great teaching resource

We have been recommending the use of Writeboards for nearly 11 years now as a Writeboard is one of the best products to teach children to form their letters correctly. 

As an Occupational Therapist our home and school visits require portability of equipment and the Writeboard is perfect for this.

With the emphasis on recycling now a day, Writeboards minimise the use of paper, printing and the need to take bulky copies of resources along to our sessions. Uploading the resources onto the iPad is also very resource efficient.

I highly recommend Writeboards.

Blanche Kairies, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Sydney 

Writeboards Clear Reusable Writing board is Highly Recommended by Occupational Therapist

I was struggling with home schooling and the covid lockdown. I am not a teacher and I had no idea how to get my child to complete their work or how to motivate them. I found the school starter pack online and was hesitant about ordering it. To my disbelief there was a phone number and someone actually answered the phone. The woman that I spoke to helped me with selecting the the right kit for my son and was extremely helpful. Since my son has had this kit and his reusable writing board, it has empowered him to complete his schoolwork and also learn new things. He loves his Writeboard. Thanks so much for helping my son.

Jennifer Moore (mum of one).

Covid Homeschooling Success

To Whom it May Concern;

I recently purchased a variety of items from Writeboards for my child care centre and I am delighted with these items. Mary came out to give me a personal demonstration of the products and to explain the benefits of the boards to me. I was so impressed with the products and the accessories that I ordered several for my centre and ran a fundraiser to offer families an opportunity to purchase Writeboards to use at home.

Writeboards are now being used in every room in my centre. Downstairs our under three year old children finger paint, stamp paint and free paint and draw on the boards. They love looking at their creative designs in 3D and as the artwork can easily be erased they are a great trial and error activity for children.

Upstairs our older children use the boards freely to express themselves or with one of the many templates that helps to promote pencil grasp, letter and number recognition, letter and number formation and numeracy and literacy skills.

As our centre is currently exploring ways to become more sustainable and to help our planet, Writeboards supports us to meet our goal of using less paper in our curriculum. If an artwork or activity is worthy of retaining, it can easily be photographed, scanned or photocopied but if not, it can be wiped clean in seconds.

I highly recommend this product and company to other child care centres as well as to anyone working with children or young people.

Lisa Clancy - Footprints Child Care Centre, Sydney

Writeboards clear reusable writing board is an environmentally friendly eco product

Practical Home Schooling Product

There are so many things that I love about Writeboards & the thousands of templates. From a home schooling point of view, this product is in my "Top Ten Must Have Resources".  

  1. Designed and Made in Australia so they are sturdy and well made. They will never wear out or need replacing. The only problem you will have is deciding how many boards your family (or friends) will need.
  2. One Writeboard and a few programs provide endless practice of an independent nature in a vast array of subjects.
  3. Very economical product - you only need to purchase once for your family and this will provide years of practice.
  4. Compact enough to be portable. Your child can bring along book work to complete during appointments, meetings, morning tea dates, etc.
  5. Provides many opportunities to practice so your child isn't stuck with an error.
  6. A great independent activity for younger siblings to do while older children are doing bookwork. This encourages in them a sense of independence and achievement.
  7. Able to reuse 'consumable books' for younger siblings. Additional uses are tracing pictures, using dot to dot books, just to name a few.  
  8. You can choose the handwriting font you wish to use with your children, not being restricted to your geographical location or choices with previous children.

Thanks Writeboards for developing such a wonderful product! I am thankful that you are continually adding to the range and seeking to improve and expand the nature of the templates.

P. McIntosh (Homeschooling Mother of six in SA)

Writeboards clear reusable writing board allows you to reuse books

I found Writeboards and fell in love with the product. My daughter has been using the product since she was three years old. It has helped her learn her alphabet and how to form both letters and numbers.

The other great thing about Writeboards is that she cannot destroy it and it is easy to clean. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Rebecca Gibson (Mum)


The Writeboard is a unique, portable, engaging, and eco-friendly board that gives students independence and control of their learning.

Penni P -  Assistant Principal K-6, Sydney


The write on / wipe off element encourages students to have another go, measuring progress only against themselves.

Nicolas Stewart - Assistant Support Officer Sydney


My son is on the spectrum and struggles to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes (even that is a struggle at times). The Writeboard has engaged him in the learning process and he actually enjoys using it.

He loves the fact that any mistakes he makes can be erased and corrected so easily and I love the fact that he is actually spending time learning new things.

Thanks Writeboards for this great product.

Karen Baker (mum of one)


To Whom It May Concern:

My tutors use Writeboards with their students in all three of my centres. The tutors have made the following comments:

  • It helps M*** especially as he doesn't know where to start his letters or numbers. He is making good progress after practicing on the rub out board.
  • My early readers like Writeboards, it they make an error they can rub it out and do it again straight away.
  • After using the Writeboards E***** now knows that we go from left to right. It is easy for him to use because the pen is thick and easier to hold than a pencil.
  • It is helping S***¬† remember the sounds he wants to write now, when before it was a battle to get him to settle to the task.

I can see the Writeboard being used a great deal with my students.

Best Regards
Kip McGrath Education Centres (Artarmon), (Forestville), (Monavale).

Writeboards clear reusable writing board is fantastic teaching aide that allow students to practice

To Whom It May Concern;

I have been buying books for my children aged twelve, nine and five for many years for extra work to help them at school. To start with, I had my twelve year old write in pencil so I could erase them easily and use them again for my two younger children. I was yet to discover that they could still see the answers and they would write exactly what my eldest son had written, whether the answer was right or wrong.

If I added up all the money that I have spent over the years, buying books that ranged from $9.95 to $23.95, I could have saved myself a fortune with the purchase of a couple of Writeboards.

Now that we have two Writeboards, my children can use these books over and over again. What a brilliant idea, not only saving me lots of money, but also saving the environment. The books that I buy for my twelve or nine year old, I now put away for future use.

The other thing I have noticed is that my children now enjoy using the books a lot more, I am sure is it because they get to use their Writeboard.

Thank you for the money you have saved me.
Kelly Tingle (grateful Mother of three)

Writeboards Clear Reusable Eco Friendly Writing board will Save you Money

Hi Writeboards,

Thank you for a wonderful tool. My five year old son with low muscle tone and living with ASD is loving it. He will be attending mainstream school next year. The past eighteen months we have been transitioning him to school, working on his muscle tone and developing his core body strength. The Writeboard is the perfect tool for the next step to get him to write letters and draw images.

He is very happy that he can draw an aeroplane his favourite thing in the world. I am loving the fact he sits still and attends to something for more than a few minutes. I have attached a picture of his beautiful aeroplane.

Best Regards
Christa Robat (Mum)

Writeboards Clear Reusable Eco Friendly Writing board is a must have aide for Special Needs

To Writeboards,

I purchased your product for my three year old grand-daughter and it has helped her remarkably in developing her understanding of words, letters and numbers.

To my pleasant surprise my fourteen year old grandson whilst helping her, started using it as well, just for fun. He was drawing pictures and playing games such as naughts and crosses, fill in the dots and hangman, all this without using paper as he would have normally.

I think your product is wonderful not only for education but also for fun. The added benefit is that it is extremely good for the environment. I write this letter to thank you for such a wonderful idea.

From a grateful grandmother
Christine Wilson


I must say that to start with I did not know whether this product would work, but I thought it was more than affordable and worth a try for both my son and daughter.

I am quite happy to write this testimonial for you as both my four year old son and seven year old daughter LOVE their Writeboard. They are both ahead in their respective classes. All I had to do to ensure their success was to purchase the product".

Thanks Writeboards for a wonderful product!

Catherine Winterbottom (Mum of two) 

Child Love using Writeboards clear reusable writing board

The Writeboard has so many different uses... not only do my students use it as a valuable tool for practising their handwriting, we use it for painting and printing lesson in Creative Art sessions.

The templates can be used as is or you can create your own. It cuts down on paper usage when students are trialling various handwriting techniques and learning to write their names.
(Teacher K-6, Sydney)

Writeboards clear reusable writing board is an environmentally friendly eco product

To Writeboards,

I have two daughters and I am quite blessed having a stepmother that has a background in early childhood, plus family friends who are also in the education business.
We have had lots of recommendations from others in terms of learning support. We got put onto Writeboards about a year ago more as a support for their writing and to practice spelling etc. I am more than happy to write a testimonial for you, as I really feel that they are brilliant at supporting kids learning. Prior to the Writeboard, we used to use the old fashion etch a sketch to get them to practice and of course there is no comparison!

As an example of how well the girls are going, my six year old tried to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and only got four letters wrong. Both my five and six year old's handwriting is exceptionally good for their age group, as is their spelling, and there is no doubt that your product has helped.
Katrina Small (Mum of two)

Writeboards clear reusable writing board is a fantastic teaching aide for all students

Hi Writeboards,

Just a quick note to tell you that my two boys love their Writeboards. I can have them doing activities on their Writeboards for long periods of time, without them even realising that they are doing work!

Noah absolutely loves tracing his alphabet and drawing whatever he likes with his textas, with no worry of mummy getting cross.
Regards Fushcia (Mum of two)

My Boys Love using Writeboards clear reusable writing board

Hi Writeboards,

Just wanted to let you know that we've had the Writeboard a week now and Darcy is absolutely loving using it. We keep printing off separate sheets from his download in order to practice the alphabet. He is really excited about writing and thought you'd like to know.

Thanks and Regards
Ellie Luff (Mum of one)

Writeboards clear reusable writing board has got my son excited about writing

Hi Writeboards,

Thanks so much for a great invention! My seven year old just loves being able to write, draw and paint on the Writeboard. She feels just like the teacher! I am looking forward to getting the Alphabet Range for my little boy. He will love the great pictures and being able to trace the letters with his finger. I love to be able to give my kids things that are useful and that last.

Writeboards is a great Educational tool/ toy/ game, that my kids will use for years to come!

Gayl Ellis (Mum of two)

Writeboards clear reusable writing board is a great educational tool for students

The Writeboard has helped my five year old write letters correctly. She had developed the habit of drawing letters as if they were a shape. The Writeboard has fixed this problem by demonstrating the correct order of movements when writing a letter.

Julie G (Mum)
Writeboards clear reusable writing board helps children with school work

My kids love the Writeboards. My four year old is so fascinated he stop talking when he uses the Writeboard! My six year old has developed a new use and uses it for her artwork. She draws and then gets me to scan the work into the computer and print it out. Using a photo of herself underneath the Writeboard, she was able to grasp a better understanding of the size relationship and placement of facial features as she traced her own face

Jackie Green (Mum of two).

Writeboards clear reusable writing board stops my son from talking

Kids don't need to apply much pressure when learning to write. The Writeboard gives young children the ability to make their mark on the world long before they can use a pencil on paper.

(Kindergarten Teacher, NSW)

Writeboards clear reusable writing board is easy to use and eco friendly

To Whom it May Concern: Thank you for the pdf file. Jett has been using his Writeboard and found it Fun to use so far. I will recommend your product to my childcare centre as I am sure other parents in his centre would find this product quite helpful (saving paper and ink helps).

Writeboards clear reusable writing board is an environmentally friendly eco product

Writeboards receive many phone calls from customers telling us how wonderful the product is. Listed below are a small selection of comments that we have received by phone:

  • My son was practising his letters on the Writeboard on Saturday afternoon. A friend of mine dropped in and said to him "are you doing schoolwork?", he said "no this is not schoolwork, this is fun"!
  • My son was struggling with writing his name correctly. After only one week of using his Writeboard he can now write his name perfectly. I had previously spent hours trying to get him to do this, yet he had no interest in practising¬†on paper, as he saw that as boring work. Once we got the Writeboard, he wanted to do it every day.
  • My daughter had no idea where to start and finish her letters, she would start anywhere. I gave her the dots with the directions¬†worksheet and after about three hours (in total) spent with the Writeboard she now understands the whole concept. Her teacher is very happy.
  • My daughter spent hours tracing pictures that were in your drawing pack. The most amazing thing is that she is now becoming quite proficient at drawing without tracing anything. She loves her Writeboard.
  • I have taught my four year old son how to tell the hourly time by using your Learn to tell the Time course (Stage 1). He has spent hours playing with the big clock under the Writeboard and drawing hands on the clock. We play a fun game where he draws the hands on the clock and I have to tell him what time it is. Two out of every three times I deliberately get the answer wrong and he corrects me quite promptly.
Writeboards clear reusable writing board is the environmental solution to using paper.