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Writeboards Teaching Aide for Occupational Therapists & Tutors


Reusable Handwriting Boards for Occupational Therapists and Tutors

Our Writeboard:

  • Enables you to teach your clients at an accelerated pace.
  • Raises your clients confidence level and encourages them to try again.
We have been recommending the use of Writeboards for nearly 11 years now as a Writeboard is one of the best products to teach children to form their letters correctly. 
    • Helps your client to learn any subject as they can trace exactly what they need to learn.
    • Has no frame to baulk your clients hand, it is just the same as writing on a piece of paper.
    • Is a unique, portable, engaging, and eco-friendly board that will also give your clients independence and control of their learning.
    As an Occupational Therapist our home and school visits require portability of equipment and the Writeboard is perfect for this. Uploading the resources onto the iPad is also very resource efficient.
      • Both the the worksheet and the Writeboard move as one piece.
      • Can be photographed, scanned of photocopied to retain a permanent work sample for your clients records.
      • Can be used with whiteboard marker, dry-erase crayons, watercolour paint, chalk markers and even permanent marker.
      • Can also be used with your existing blackline masters and teaching paraphernalia.
      The Writeboard is highly recommended by Occupational Therapists.
        • Does not stain or shadow or require any chemicals to be cleaned.
        • Can be purchased in our package deals that include thousands of colourful worksheets and flashcards that come with a 100% money back guarantee.

        With our Writeboard:

        • You only ever have to print the page once and it will last for years to come.
        • Your clients performance levels will be lifted as they will be tracing exactly what they need to learn.
        • There are no subject restrictions.
        • Your clients can score 100 out of 100 every time they use it by simply erasing their mistakes.
        • You can use 100% of every textbook without ever breaching copyright and the benefits go on and on...
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