About Us

Help Writeboards Set up our Kids Wellness Centres

  • We have are very proud to say that we have been in business since 2008. When we first launched Writeboards we only had our cubersome A3 Writeboard and a grand total of 43 worksheets (to use with our Writeboard). 
  • Now we have the A4 Writeboard and well over 10,000 worksheets that not only work with the Writeboard but also iPads, phones, tablets, smart-boards as so forth.
  • Over the twelve years we have been in business we have created worksheets and flashcards that have been requested by Department of Education, Teachers, Principals, Childcare Centres, Occupational Therapists etc. We endeavour to keep expanding our range each year.
  • We now have package deals available for parents. teachers, childcare, special needs and Occupational Therapists and Tutors

In the beginning we knew we had a great product that would definitely help save the environment, however, we never envisaged that the Writeboards that we sold over eleven years ago would still be in existence and used today. 

  • Over those eleven years not one Writeboard has ever been returned, and to our knowledge not one has ever been broken. We must admit that this is not great for our turnover, however, it is great news for our environment.
  • With a Writeboard you only ever have to print the page once and that one page can last well over ten years (on our current statistics). 
  • Each time a school or parent buys a Writeboard (rather than a imported dry-erase board) they are not only saving trees being cut down, they are also eliminating the recycling process (which uses many of our resources and harmful chemicals).

  • Each time a school or parent buys a Writeboard (rather than a imported dry-erase board) they are also saving our landfill. These imported boards will never disintegrate and across Australia there are hundreds of thousands thrown into our landfill each year.
  • These dry-erase boards (whiteboards) were invented in 1975 and we cannot even begin to imagine how many are sitting in our landfill after forty six years.

Our Writeboard is 99% recyclable and to this day, we have not even recycled one of them.

Our Main Goal

Our goal from the very beginning has always been about children and it remains the same today.  

Our long term goal is to set up a "Wellness Centre" for children that have suffered from abuse and neglect at the hands of adults and abusive systems. We are passionate about the protection of children as they do not have a voice to protect themselves.

Our first "Wellness Centre" will be set up in NSW (as that is where we are based), however, we would love to set one up in each State of Australia and then take the idea overseas.

When you purchase something from Writeboards, know that you are contributing to a company that is passionate about the protection and wellness of children.

Thank You in Advance for Your Support!