Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special program to open the worksheets I have downloaded?

Yes, you will need to install a free program which is called Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to be taken to the free download. Make sure you deselect the optional offers if you already have security for your computer.

Is GST included in the advertised price?

Yes, all our products already include a GST component in the price.

Do you offer a warranty on the Writeboard?

No we do not offer a warranty. We do however offer our current statistics on our Writeboard that has been in Sydney schools for over eight years without any staining or shadowing. These same Writeboards are still being used today!

Does the Writeboard Scratch?

It is always the first question we are asked and the answer is yes, surface scratches will appear after prolonged use, however, they will not affect the Writeboard from continuing to work. Writeboards® have been in Sydney Schools for over eight years and we have not had one returned, we think that speaks for itself.

What cleaner do I purchase to clean the Writeboard surface?

No chemicals of any kind are required to be purchased or used. The Writeboard is chemical free and comes with instructions for cleaning the surface. 

What is the Writeboard made out of?

The Writeboard is sturdy and not made out of anything that is easy to break as is evidenced from over eight years in school classrooms. Just like the KFC secret recipe (and how it continues to be delicious), Writeboards® have proven that the surface does NOT stain or shadow...Over the years we have told many people that it is attributed to our ingenious secret herbs and spices on the surface just like KFC.

We have never had a report of a broken Writeboard by a student

What markers can be used on a Writeboard?

When you purchase either the Family Writeboard Kit or the Writeboard Kit they will automatically come with markers that work well with the Writeboard.
Most whiteboard markers work, however, some work better than others. We have had problems with Artline markers especially with younger children. The marker will always come off; however, it requires more pressure to remove.
Writeboards suggestion for schools or anyone purchasing whiteboard markers in large quantities to go with our Writeboard is to try out the marker on the Writeboard before you place a large order.

What crayons can be used on the Writeboard?

Writeboards® recommend Crayola dry-erase crayons. These crayons will not be removed with a whiteboard eraser, however, they do come with a mitt that removes the crayon. For little hands this sometimes can be a harder task using only the mitt, so Writeboards® suggest putting a piece of foam inside a new sock and will have an even better eraser than you did before. 

What happens if I accidentally write on my Writeboard with permanent marker? 

It would be beneficial for us to say ""you might as well throw it in the bin like you do with a whiteboard, it is a defective product and will always be that way. Unfortunately for Writeboards® this statement is not true. All you need to do is to get a whiteboard marker and go over all the permanent marker (on the Writeboard) and then just erase as normal.

How do I remove paint?

Watercolour paint can be removed with water. Writeboards® suggest that you use a spray bottle with water in it. Spray the area that has paint on it, leave it a minute or two and the paint will just dissolve. Next wipe off the dissolved paint with a soft wet cloth and then dry with a soft cloth.

My child left whiteboard marker on the Writeboard for weeks, it will not come off, what will I do?

Unlike the whiteboard (that needs to be thrown into the bin and create more landfill for Australia), with a Writeboard all you need to do is simply go over all the marks on the Writeboard with a whiteboard marker and then erase as normal.
NOTE: Cleaning the Writeboard with water WILL NOT remove whiteboard marker. 

What is the best way to clean a Writeboard?

Writeboards® recommend micro-fibre cloths as they are reusable and great for our environment. Just throw them in the washing machine in a separate bag and they can be used again and again just like our Writeboard.

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