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Learning Is All About Confidence!

October 18, 2019

Teaching Your Child Australian Handwriting by Using the Ultimate Educational Products and Reusable Writing Board

Help Your Child Learn by Renewing Their Confidence

These days, tutors are making a fortune, simply because your child has lost confidence in learning somewhere along the way.

  • Combine this with pier pressure and a loss of faith in themselves and your child's self esteem will have taken an even bigger hit.
  • Your child has simply lost the burning to desire to try new things as they see it as a step to failure and no one likes to fail!

I understand exactly how they feel, do you?

  • Let me ask you...If every time you attempted something new (e.g. trying a new recipe, home renovating or even planting a new plant) you knew at the end of it you were going to be judged by an expert and measured against others that had attempted the same task...How would you feel? 

I know I would feel pressured and uncertain of my fate and that in turn would create a fear of even trying out these new ventures.

Give your child the confidence to learn to write the right way.

  • Even though it is not documented, there is pressure on our kids to keep up with the rest of the class.
  • When they cannot achieve this milestone, parents are then encouraged to get some outside help.

I have personally spoken to some of these private tutors who earn up to $100.00 per hour for this extra help. This is an outrageous amount of money to attain an outcome of giving our kids more confidence.

  • Teachers are under more pressure than ever, and if a child is struggling they often do not have the time to give them individual attention, however, that is not their fault.
How can you help your child to excel?
  • With the invention of the Writeboard (our reusable writing board), your child can actually trace an exact copy of what they are learning. They can do this over and over again until they are confident enough to attempt it without a worksheet to guide them! 
  • When your child makes a mistake, they can simply erase it and correct it without any harsh criticism from anyone. 
  • Your child can achieve a score of 100 out of 100 every time they use our Writeboard.
  • Kids love using our reusable writing board.
Turn learning into fun rather than a frightening and tiresome task

    Writeboards reusable writing board will make learning fun for your child.

    • As a parent you will witness a huge increase in your child's confidence and self esteem when they use our Writeboard. 
    • Your child will no longer be frightened of failure or being judged as they can learn any subject with the Writeboard!

    Let our Writeboard put a smile back on your child's face!

    Our Eco-Friendly Writeboard had been in schools for over nine years now and unlike other disposable products that end up in our landfill year after year (e.g. dry-erase boards, laminates, stick on films etc.), these same Writeboards are still being used today.

     Click on the picture to be taken to our Eco-Friendly Reusable Writeboard

    Writeboards clear reusable writing board. Learn to form the Australian alphabet and numbers.

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