Writeboards Products for Special Needs

Reusable Writing Board and Educational Worksheets for Special Needs Kids

  • Our reusable Writeboard and Kits have been highly recommended by Occupational Therapists for nearly ten year now.
  • Because your child can easily erase their mistakes is has been linked with confidence building and faith in themselves. 
  • Your child can trace an exact copy of what they need to learn on a sturdy board that has no frame that will baulk their hand.
  • We have also designed thousands of colourful worksheets for each State in Australia to keep your child engaged in the learning process.  
To make it more affordable for parents, we have specially designed Kits that include the lot!
Free Australian Worksheets are included in all Special Needs Handwriting Kits for Australian Children.

NOTE: If Your Child is on the NDIS all our Kits are eligible to be claimed as a consumable item. Just ask your Occupational Therapist or contact us.

Writeboards Specialised Products for Special Needs Kids