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CVC Flashcards & Games using Animal Phonics

CVC Flashcards & Games using Animal Phonics

My daughter loves her CVC flashcards! She enjoys playing by herself as well as playing an array of games with her brother. I also play games with both of them. She now knows all her CVC words and her teacher is very impressed. 
  • Purchase these one pack at a time or save money by buying one of our bundles.
  • All our CVC Flashcards also interact with our entire Animal Phonic range.
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • Our CVC cards are completed using Bat & Ball (also known as¬†Ball¬†& Stick) handwriting. This is a universal handwriting style¬†used throughout the world.

If you live in Australia click here to get your child's Australian school handwriting style.