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Aussie Kids Write Five Different Ways

October 21, 2019

Australian Handwriting Styles, Aussie Kids Write Five Different Ways, Australian School Handwriting

Five Different Handwriting Styles for Australian School Children

It may surprise you to learn that the handwriting style taught in Australian schools varies depending on the state or territory in which your child resides.

    Pictured below is an example of the five different handwriting styles that are used in Australian schools:

      Five Handwriting Styles for Australian Schools

        • You can clearly see that the shape and angle of the first five letters of the alphabet are different from each other, and it is just the same with the remaining twenty one letters.
        • You will also notice all the different names the handwriting styles use.

        Over Writeboards fourteen years in business, they have spoken to many teachers that are not even aware of these facts, so I ask myself, how are parents supposed to know what to do?


          How do you know which Australian Handwriting Style is right for your child?

          This would be much easier if there was an Australian standard that could not be abused. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

          • There are many people that claim to have the right handwriting style for your child (this is increasing on a daily basis).
          • These same people even use the right Australian names for what they are selling you e.g. NSW Foundation Font worksheets, VIC Modern Cursive Font worksheets etc.

              What these people are not telling you is, that they are creating books and digital files using what Writeboards refer to as a "look-alike fonts".

              Angry Cavewoman


              The image below features four fonts known as NSW Foundation Font.

              These can be purchased from educational supply stores and online. The disparities demonstrated here are consistent across all the states and territories in Australia.

              NSW Foundation Font Comparison by Writeboards

              As you can see only one is right and completed using the strict guidelines that the NSW Department of Education have set out in their syllabus.

              • If you look at the others, they kind of look-alike, however, they are NOT!
              • If you look even closer and compare letter against letter, you will see huge differences in both the shape & angle of the letters.

              This unfortunately, is only a small sample of the multitude of Australian handwriting look-alike fonts that are currently flooding the market being sold to parents and teachers.

              Angry Caveman

              An even more frightening fact is that you can download all the Aussie handwriting styles for free on the internet. Rather then describe how disgustingly wrong they all are...I will leave it to the imagination of the reader.


              Make Sure Your Child is using the Right Australian Handwriting

              Writeboards is the only worldwide business that backs their Australian worksheets and flashcards with a 100% money-back guarantee!

              Aussie Kids Writeboard Five Different Ways Digital Chart Features
                Trusted by teachers, tutors, therapists and parents


              Once you have the right worksheets for your child, the next logical step is to get them to practice. Keep in mind that they need to learn twenty six letters and ten numbers.

              You have two choices:

              • You can print those pages over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until your child has mastered the whole thirty six letters and numbers.
              • You can purchase a reusable Writeboard and only ever have to print any page once.


                Learn Australian Handwriting the Fun and Easy Way

                      Ask any child and they will tell you that practicing handwriting is a boring task. Well that boring task just became lots more fun with the invention of the Writeboard.

                      Aussie Kids Writeboard Five Different Ways Reusable Writeboard

                      The Aussie made and owned, reusable Writeboard has been in Sydney schools for over fourteen years now and they have not worn out. What lasts that long these days?

                      Here is a comment from a teacher that uses the Writeboard in her class:

                      "The kids LOVE using the Writeboards and have no problems with wanting to do a handwriting template over again. No more "I'm finished. What do I do now?"

                      There are way too many features of the eco-friendly Writeboard to mention here, however, if you would like to know more just click on the link.


                      Writeboards Australian Handwriting Kits

                      To make it more affordable for Aussie parents, Writeboards created their Aussie handwriting kits that include everything your child will need to get ahead at school.

                      Our Aussie Handwriting Kits include:

                      • One Reusable Writeboard.
                      • Two whiteboard markers.
                      • One magnetic eraser.
                      • One storage tin (that doubles as the per lap table for your child's Writeboard).
                      • Hundreds of FREE worksheets and flashcards downloads.

                      Australian Handwriting Kits for Aussie Kids include Hundreds of Free Worksheets

                      Writeboards Australian Handwriting Worksheets and Flashcards

                      Discover the incredible worksheets and flashcards that come with Writeboards' unbeatable 100% money back guarantee. Simply click on your child's state or territory sun!

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                      One last word before I go...Just be careful buying your child educational material at Australian Shops as at least 98% are wrong, you can read more about this here...

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