Aussie Kids Write Five Different Ways

July 11, 2017

Aussie Kids Write Five Different Ways

Yes it is amazing but totally true, Australian school children write in five totally different fonts depending on what State or Territory they live in.

Here is an example of the five different fonts that are in Australia:

Five different styles of handwriting in Australia

You can clearly see that the angle and the shape of just the first five letters of the alphabet are totally different from each other and it is the same with the other twenty one letters.

Over the past eight years that Writeboards have been in business they have come across many teachers that are not even aware of these facts, so I ask myself, how are parents supposed to know what to do?

To compound these problems there are many people out there that claim that they have the right font and it may even be called the same name, however, according to the specifications of the local State Department of Education they are totally wrong. These fonts are nothing but look-a-like fonts and parents, teachers and schools are purchasing them to teach their children and students.

How Australian Children write, school handwriting in australia,

You yourself could create a font and call it NSW Foundation Font or a similar name and sell it to parents and teachers and no one would even question you.

The simple fact is there is No Overseeing Body in the World!

For the purpose of this blog, the examples that are shown below will be completed using NSW Foundation Font; however, it is just the same with the other States in Australia.

NSW Foundation Font comparisons

Pictured above is an example of four different fonts that are sold right here in Australia. As you can see only one is right and completed using the strict guidelines that the NSW Department of Education has set out in their syllabus. If you look at the others, they kind of look alike, however, they are NOT the same they are totally different! 

If you look even closer and compare letter against letter, you will see different shapes and angles.

How Australian Children write, school handwriting in australia,

The example below clearly shows you the NSW Syllabus example of cursive writing and how the letters are supposed to be formed; however, there is only one that adheres to the specifications. These four fonts are also all sold here in Australia. 

NSW Foundation Font Cursive Writing examples

There are also many places on the internet that claim to have it for free. I decided not to put any of those examples up and I will leave it to the imagination of the reader rather than describe how awful they all are.

To add to this dilemma recognised educational suppliers and many places on the internet sell downloads, memberships, books and resources every day of the week that have been created using these look-a-like fonts. 

All I can say is please take care when purchasing fonts or other educational resources for your child or students. Please make sure you get it right the first time for their sake. 

Writeboards uses the best fonts in the world for all States in Australia, they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee that your child or students will be learning the right way to write!

Below you will find links to Writeboards worksheets and resources. Around 98% of schools adhere to these particular fonts for your child's handwriting. If you would like to find out what the other 2% are doing go to Which Font Do I Choose?

QLD Cursive Font - for QLD school children.

NSW Foundation Font - for NSW and ACT school children.

SA Modern Cursive Font - for SA school children.

TAS Beginners Font - for TAS school children.

VIC Modern Cursive Font - for VIC, WA and NT school children.

If you would like to purchase the font Writeboards use for their worksheets please contact Writeboards.

Until next time keep smiling...

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