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Get Your Child Ready for School in Australia

November 12, 2019

Get Your Child Ready For School in Australia, School Readiness for Aussie Kids

Get Your Child Ready to go to School in Australia 

According to the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) which 98% of childcare and preschool centres adhere to they say that:

  • Your Child needs support and encouragement to make starting school a positive experience.
School Readiness for Australian Schools, Get Your Child Ready for School in Australia

    Kindergarten teachers say the most important attributes are:

    • Good language and listening skills.
    • A positive attitude.
    • Social confidence.
    • The ability to focus on one activity for a period of time.
    • The participation in high quality early childhood education.
    The Early Learning Year Framework addresses the following five outcomes:
      Outcome 1:
      • Your child should develop a strong sense of identity and exploring while they feel safe and supported in what they learn.
      Outcome 2:
      • Your child should be connected and contribute to their world. Your child should be able to broaden their experiences by moving between different settings and connecting with others.
          Outcome 3:
          • Your child should have a strong sense of well-being and that they will have experienced both pride and success in their achievements. Your child should also feel confident discussing their emotions and responses to different events with people that they trust. This includes your child's attitude and expectations around going to school.
          Outcome 4:
          • Your child should be a confident and involved in learning. This is achieved when your child can relate their connections between preschool and school settings so they can make sense of new experiences and transfer their knowledge from one place to another.
          Outcome 5:
          • Your child should be an effective communicator. This focuses on your child's verbal and non verbal interactions with both their peers and adults. It also puts a spotlight on your child's numeracy and literacy skills. When your child develops their confidence about starting school they will also develop abilities to express their own ideas, their feelings and understanding of both themselves and the world they live in.

            Writeboards have designed Fantastic School Readiness Kits for the seven States & Territories of Australia. They include a range of subjects that will help put Your Child Ahead of the Rest! 

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            Be Very Careful What You Purchase for Your Child!

            If you are buying from other Australian educational shops, or on the internet, make sure that they are using the RIGHT handwriting style for your State or Territory. We can assure that that at least 95% of them are wrong! Read more about this here

            If you would like any help along the way, we are available both by phone and email. Please feel free to contact us for help

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