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How Handwriting Will Help Your Child To Read

November 19, 2019

Help Your Child Learn to Read by Teaching Them Handwriting, Teach your child to read

Why Learning to Form Letters is So Important for Your Child

As your child learns to write they will also develop the ability for learning to read.

  • When your child begins to write, they will form their letters from the top down. This is the same pattern they will use for reading (as they will read from the top of the page down).
  • Your child will learn to form letters in words from left to right, which again is the same pattern as they will read a page from a book.
  • As your child learns to form letters, the movements needed to create a letter are stored in their memory, just the same as the movements for sitting down or standing up are stored. When your child learns to read they can call upon this memory to remember how the letters were formed on the page and then work out what letters they are.
  • Both writing and reading use the same memory to absorb information, then to analyse and use the information.
Please understand how important this link is for Your child

In Australia there are five different handwriting styles used in schools, you can read more about this in our blog called Aussie Kids Write Five Different Ways

Writeboards handwriting worksheets come with our 100% money back guarantee as we know how important it is for your child to learn to form their letters correctly.

If you would like to check out our worksheets please go to Worksheets for Australia Children.

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