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Aussie Made Writing Board

October 09, 2019

Australian Made and Owned Eco-Friendly Writing Board, Our Writeboard

Australian Made and Owned Reusable Writing Board - Our Writeboard

  • Our Writeboard is the only clear reusable board on the market that is helping to save our environment.
  • Our Writeboard has been in schools for over fourteen years and the original ones are still being used today!

It is the 21st Century and yet there are many schools, parents, tutors etc. out there that are still using the following:

  • disposable antiquated dry-erase boards (also known as whiteboards) that stain, shadow and break.
  • write and wipe inferior plastic envelopes that stain and fall apart.
  • stick on films that will eventually peel off and that require special pens to write on them.

All of these will eventually end up in Australia's landfill and they are a Total Threat to our environment!

The retailers and manufacturers of these products LOVE the fact that they

  • Wear out, stain and break.
  • You have to budget to buy these products over and over again.

Our Writeboard does NOT Stain or Shadow and can be used with whiteboard markers, dry-erase crayons, water colour paint and even permanent marker.

Our Total Proof  on our Writeboard is Fourteen YEARS in school's without being replaced...


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