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Animal Phonic Posters

Animal Phonic Posters

These posters are both colourful & educational. I put them on my two year old son's bedroom wall as a frieze. They look Great! Each day I refer to (what I call) the letter of the day & I teach my son the phonic sound for the day. I then find things in our house (or online) with the same phonic sound. It make everything so easy!

  • These animal posters will help your child learn about beginning phonics the EASY way.
  • Use them as posters on their wall, make placemats or a book out of them, turn them into flashcards and list goes on...
  • The more you expose your child to these posters, the quicker they will learn their phonic sounds.

Australia has five different school handwriting styles and then there is our universal handwriting (which is used throughout the world but not in Australian schools).

If you need any help choosing the right handwriting style for your child, please contact us.