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CVC Games Pack Two - TAS Handwriting

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CVC Words Games Pack Two - TAS Handwriting

My four year old daughter is learning to spell words, and on top of that she is happy playing by herself. This pack is excellent!

If you do not live in TAS, click here to get your child's individual handwriting style.

This printable download includes sixty seven pages:

  • Thirty four game cards with the two letter ending in letters (e.g. ab, et etc.) and a blank square at the beginning.
  • Five game cards with one vowel letter in the middle, leaving two blank spaces for your child to create a word. 
  • One blank gamecard for your child to make their own words.
  • Twenty seven pages of flashcard letters so you do not have to keep printing over and over again.


What can your child do with this download?

  • Play games of bingo with yourself, friends or family.
  • Play independently (kids love making words by themselves).
  • Learn to spell their CVC words using letters.
  • Play a range of games like memory, hide and seek, I spy, and the list goes on...
  • This pack interacts with our entire Animal Phonics and CVC Range. and is recommended for ages 3 and up.