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  • At the present moment there are many look-alike fonts on the market as there is no overseeing body in either Australia or the world to regulate them.
  • Many places out there sell these fonts and even more places out there that have made worksheets and even published books using these look-alike fonts.

Pictured below is an example of only four of the NSW Foundation Fonts that are for sale here in Australia. As you can see with your own eyes ONLY ONE OF THEM IS RIGHT!

Font Comparison

  • The difference here is astounding and the fact is that it is just the same with the other States in Australia.
  • The frightening part here is that NSW schools are currently using all four of these fonts to teach their students and the other States in Australia are following these destructive trends. 
  • To add to this complexity you can even download your State font on the internet for free. It will not look like or resemble what your State syllabus has set in their requirements, but you can be assured it will have the right name
  • The simple fact is that you, yourself could design a font and call it any one of our Australian State names and then start selling the download on the internet.
  • While you are at it you might even create some worksheets to sell online and publish a book on how to form letters and numbers for your individual State and No One Will Care!

Angry Caveman

  • Over nine years ago when we first established Writeboards our goal was create the best worksheets in the world. We purchased what we thought was the right font for all the different States in Australia. 
  • We then paid around fifteen thousand dollars for the creation of worksheets using these fonts.
  • We were totally devastated to find out that all the fonts we were using were wrong, not one of them was right and not one of them had even been created according to State Syllabus requirements. They were nothing but look-alike fonts

Stop Cavewoman

  • We then tracked down a professional who was an ex-teacher and typeface designer with over twenty years experience creating fonts.
  • He created all five of the Australian fonts for Writeboards to the strict syllabus requirements set out by each of the five Departments of Education here in Australia. 


SAD BUT VERY TRUE STORY: The place that we originally bought the look-alike fonts from is still in business today. They have now been selling those same fonts for over eleven years to schools, teachers, parents and professionals. They do not care that the fonts are wrong and have no intention of changing them.

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