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Advanced School Kit - SA Modern Cursive Font

SA Modern Cursive Font Advanced School Kit 

This Kit has been designed for the child that is already at school or for the child that needs extra practice on their school work.

  • This Kit has a variety of worksheets that cover everything from learning to form the alphabet correctly to learning tell the time and maths.
  • All our worksheets and flashcards are colourful and designed to engage your child in the learning process.
"My daughter's handwriting was very messy. I searched for  products on the net and came across the Advanced School Kit. Her writing has improved out of sight and now she is learning her times tables."
    SA Advanced School Kit includes 544 Free worksheets plus our reusable educational writing board.

    NOTE: This product is for HOME USE only. If you are a school, teacher, business or professional person you will require a Writeboards Site Licence to access our printable downloads.

    • The SA Modern Cursive Font (also known as SA Beginner's Alphabet) Advanced School Kit also comes with our Educational Writeboard (our reusable writing board).
    • The Writeboard will increase your child's level of confidence and allow them to practice until they get it right. 

    Advanced School Kit for SA, SA Modern Cursive Font Advanced School Kit, Handwriting Kit.

    Writeboards SA Advanced School Kit includes:

    Help Your Child Excel at School with our SA Reusable Handwriting Board
    • Two whiteboard markers.
    • One magnetic Writeboard eraser.
    • One storage tin that also doubles as the perfect lap table for the Writeboard so it can be used in the car, at the park, on the lounge etc.
    Our SA Handwriting Kit comes with it own lap table (our tin)
    • 544 Free pages of worksheets and flashcards. 
    544 Free SA worksheets & flashcards for your child come with our Advanced Kit

      SA Advanced School Kit includes the following Free Worksheets and Flashcards:

      Click on the blue underlined words below to learn more about each individual worksheet pack that is included with your Advanced School Kit.

      1. Dotted Third Lines - SA Modern Cursive Font (worksheets).
        SA dotted third plain lines.   SA dotted third plain lines.
      2. Australian Animal Pack - SA Modern Cursive Font (worksheets).
          SA Australian Animal Pack the letter k       SA Australian Animal Pack the letter f
      3. Universal Maths Pack - (worksheets - these can also be turned into flashcards).
        Universal Maths 6 times times tables.   Universal Maths Pack subtraction of 2.
      4. Worksheet Pack B - SA Modern Cursive Font (worksheets).
        SA Worksheet Pack B the letter a   SA Worksheet Pack B the number 3 
      5. Phonic Consonant Blends - SA Modern Cursive Font (worksheets).
        SA Phonic consonant blend pack starting in br.   SA Phonic consonant blend pack ending nd.
      6. Learn to Tell the Time - Stage 2 - (worksheets and flashcards).
         Learn to tell the time- Stage 2 Flashcards  Learn to tell the time- Stage 2 clock with digital display.
      7. Learn to Tell the Time - Stage 3 (worksheets and flashcards).
        Learn to tell the time- Stage 3 Flashcards   Learn to tell the time- Stage 3 Flashcards
      8. Supreme Maths Pack - SA Modern Cursive Font (worksheets).
        SA Supreme Maths Pack   SA Supreme Maths Pack time tables
      9. Supreme Starter Pack - SA Modern Cursive Font (worksheets).
        SA Supreme Starter Pack - the whole alphabet.  QLD Supreme Starter Pack capital ABC 

      When Your Child uses our Writeboard you only have to print the page once and then you can use the same worksheet again and again...  

      "This Kit was recommended by my son's Tutor. After only two weeks of using his Writeboard with the worksheets, I could even see the improvement in his handwriting. His school teacher has also commented on his progress."

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