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Advanced School Kit + Worksheets - QLD Beginner Font

QLD Advanced School Kit + Worksheets & Flashcards 

You can be assured that your child will be using the right QLD letters and numbers, with our 100% money back guarantee!

If you would more info about your downloads (than is given below), just click on the links.

Your 544 Free pages include: 

  1. Dotted Third Lines - QLD Modern Cursive Font (includes worksheets).

  2. Australian Animal Pack - QLD Modern Cursive Font (includes alphabet worksheets).
  3. Universal Maths Pack - (includes generic worksheets - these can also be turned into flashcards).
  4. Worksheet Pack B - QLD Modern Cursive Font (includes alphabet & numbers worksheets).
  5. Phonic Consonant Blends - QLD Modern Cursive Font (includes worksheets).
  6. Learn to Tell the Time - Stage 2 - (includes generic worksheets and flashcards).
  7. Learn to Tell the Time - Stage 3  - (includes generic worksheets and flashcards).
    Learn to tell the Time while the Hour hand moves Flashcards in our Advanced School Kit   
  8. Supreme Maths Pack - QLD Modern Cursive Font (includes worksheets).
  9. Supreme Starter Pack - QLD Modern Cursive Font (includes worksheets & some games).

NOTE: All our digital downloads will also work with your tablet or phone.

As you child improves, just print 2 pages to a page, 4 pages to a page etc. Each time you add more pages, both the letters and numbers get smaller.

NOTE: This product is for HOME USE only. If you are a school, teacher, business or professional person you will require a Writeboards Site Licence to access our printable downloads.

    Your QLD Advanced School Kit includes:

    QLD Advanced School Kit includes our reusable writing board
    • Two whiteboard markers.
    • One magnetic Writeboard eraser.
    • One storage tin that also doubles as the perfect lap table for their Writeboard so it can be used in the car, at the park, on the lounge etc.

    QLD Advanced School Kit can be used anywhere

    Our NSW & ACT Kit comes with it own lap table (our tin)
    • 544 Free pages of worksheets and flashcards (pictured above). 
    544 Free QLD worksheets & flashcards for your child come with our Advanced Kit

      When Your Child uses their Writeboard you only have to print the page once!  

      "This Kit was recommended by my son's Tutor. After only two weeks of using his Writeboard with the worksheets, I could even see the improvement in his handwriting. His school teacher has also commented on his great progress."

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