Alphabet Range - VIC Modern Cursive Font

You can choose this pack as one of your four free downloads when you purchase a Writeboard Kit.

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This pack follows the phonic system for initial sounds, which in itself is a milestone for your child to achieve.
Example: The initial sound for "a" is apple and not aeroplane, and the initial sound for "p" it is for pig and not phone.

This download includes:

  1. Twenty six individual worksheets with one letter to a page and four matching pictures.
  2. Twenty six flashcards with a lower case letter on each card.
  3. Twenty six flashcards that include one picture and the name of that picture.
  4. Twenty six flashcards that have one letter to each card.
  5. Twenty extra flashcards with common lowercase letters to enable you to spell out words for your child.

    All of these worksheets and templates are completed using VIC Modern Cursive Font.

    The reason that these letters have been designed in an outline form is so that to begin with, you can teach your child to run their fingers around the inside of the letter. This way your child will learn the shape of each letter.

    After consulting with Occupational Therapists, Writeboards® were informed that children learn through their fingers. We suggest doing this by letting your child finger paint on their Writeboard. Place the letter underneath the Writeboard and then load your child's finger with paint. All you need to do now is hold your child's hand and guide them through the process until they are comfortable enough to do it themselves.

     Any result is Great and remember that PRAISE is the key to your child's success! 

    You can take a photo on your phone or tablet or otherwise you can wait until the paint dries and scan your child's work into the computer. Either way you will have an ongoing record of how far your child has come. Every now and then sit down with your child and go through the files that you have saved to show your child physical evidence of how much they have improved since they started practising.

    This is fantastic for your child's self esteem!

    Note: You can also upload all of these worksheets onto your tablet and get your child to do the same thing without using any paint.

    The next stage for your child is to draw the letter with a whiteboard marker. If they are having problems to begin with, help them out by guiding their hand with yours.
    Another great way to get your child involved is for you to draw the letter while your child watches; you know your child will always want to do whatever you do!

    Our Alphabet Range Pack also comes with a guide for you (the parent/ grandparent/ carer), so you will know where the letter starts and where it ends.

    Writeboards clear reusable writing board is an environmentally friendly eco product

    Remember you can choose this pack as one of your four free downloads when you purchase either a Writeboard Kit or a Family Writeboard Kit.

    NOTE: This download is for HOME USE only. If you are a school, teacher, business or professional person you will require a Writeboards Site Licence.

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