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Arithmetic Bingo Game - TAS Modern Cursive Font

TAS Modern Cursive Font Arithmetic Bingo Game For Tutors & Therapists

This fun game is a wonderful way to teach your clients addition & subtraction from one to twelve, using bingo cards, games and flashcards. 

This download will teach your clients:

  • How to recognise the numbers from one to twelve.
  • How to count to twelve.
  • Addition from one to twelve.
  • Subtraction from twelve to one.
  • Visual recognition of groups.
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    This download includes:
    • Animal bingo cards x three, Animal bingo flash cards (x 12).  
    • Flashcards from one to twelve completed in TAS Modern Cursive Font (x 12).
    • Object bingo cards x three, Object bingo flash cards x twelve. Mixed bingo cards (x 3).
    • Flashcards of all sums in addition from one to twelve completed using TAS Modern Cursive Font (x 66).
    • Flashcards of all sums in subtraction from twelve to one completed using TAS Modern Cursive Font (x 66).
    • Bonus bingo cards - Animal Bingo (x 2). Object bingo (x 2). Mixed bingo (x 2).
    Hours of endless learning and fun playing bingo with your clients.
    • Match up the flashcards to the bingo sheets.
    • Have a game of memory.
    • Play bingo by placing the bingo sheet underneath the Writeboard.
    • Match up the sums to the bingo sheets etc.

      NOTE: This download cannot be purchased separately. Schools, teachers, businesses, or professional persons will require a Writeboards Site Licence.

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