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Busy Book Colours using Umbrellas - SA Handwriting

This Busy Book will Teach Your Child to Recognise Colours using Umbrellas and SA Handwriting

These pages are completed using SA Beginner Font (also know as SA Modern Cursive Font). This is the style of writing your child will learn when they start school in SA schools.

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Twelve Great Pages that include:

  • One poster to display in your child's room (pictured above).
  • Two pages where your child has to match the name of the colour of the umbrella with the picture (one pictured above).
  • One page of cut outs for the above two pages.
  • Two pages where your child has to match the top of the umbrella to the name of the colour on the umbrella with a picture cutout (one pictured above).
  • One page of cut outs for the above two pages.
  • A bingo gird.
  • One page of pictures to cut out and use to play with the bingo grid.
  • Eight flashcards with a picture of the umbrella on each flashcard plus the name of the colour (four pictured above).
  • Eight flashcards with a picture of the umbrella on each flashcard without the name of the colour (four pictured above).
  • Two pages of ideas and different ways to use this package with your child (not included in the page count).
NOTE: The watermark that is on the pictures will not be there when you purchase the product.