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Compound Words - NSW Foundation Font

NSW Foundation Font Compound Word Flashcards for NSW and ACT

One hundred and seventy six compound words completed using colour coding to make it nice and easy for your child.

This NSW Foundation Font download is about giving your child an understanding of what compound words are, while at the same time they are also getting in some spelling practice.

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This download contains:

  • First word flashcards (completed in orange) x one hundred and seventy two using NSW Foundation Font.
  • Second word flashcards (completed in blue) x one hundred and seventy six using NSW Foundation Font.
  • Compound word flashcards (completed in both orange and blue) x one hundred and seventy six using NSW Foundation Font..
  • Worksheets in alphabetical order (fourteen words per page) x thirteen using NSW Foundation Font..
  • Worksheets in mixed order (fourteen words per page) x thirteen using NSW Foundation Font..
  • Twelve blank flashcards so you can create your own compound words.
Here is the list of words:
    afternoon background bedtime
    ourselves outline overhead
    airport bathroom bookcase
    armchair outside bookmark
    brainstorm paperwork overlap
    outdoor bedroom overnight
    pancake bulldozer overseas
    breakfast password butterfly
    peppermint piggyback cannot
    cupboard pineapple cupcake
    playground daylight policeman
    dishwasher popcorn downstairs
    postcard driveway playground
    daylight policeman dishwasher
    popcorn downstairs postcard
    driveway railway earphones
    rainbow earring raincoat
    earthquake rattlesnake everything
    roundabout eyeball sailboat
    fingernail saucepan fireman
    eyelash sandpaper scarecrow
    fishbowl scrapbook football
    screwdriver footpath seashell
    seafood forecast forget
    seaside fortnight seaweed
    fourteen shipwreck freeway
     shoelace gingerbread shopkeeper
    goalkeeper skateboard goldfish
    snowball grandfather somebody
    grandmother someday grapefruit
    somehow grasshopper something
    hairbrush sometime haircut
    hairdresser somewhere hallway
    spaceman handbag sometimes
    spaceship spotlight handwriting
    hardware heartbeat hedgehog
    standby starfish strawberry
    herself suitcase highway
    sunburn homework Sunday
    hopscotch sunflower horseshoe
    sunglasses however sunlight
    iceberg sunshine income
    supermarket indoors surfboard
    inside tablecloth itself
    tablespoon jellybean teammate
    jellyfish teapot jigsaw
    teaspoon keyboard timetable
    toenail leftovers toothpick
    leapfrog toothpaste lighthouse
    toolbox lifesaver underground
    kneecap today ladybug
    lipstick understand lookout
    underwear mailbox upgrade
    masterpiece upset maybe
    upstairs meantime watermelon
    motorcycle website neighbourhood
    weekend newsletter wheelbarrow
    newspaper wheelchair nobody
    whiteboard notebook wildlife
     nothing without nowhere
    workbook otherwise yourself

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