Cursive Writing Worksheets - NSW Foundation Font

  • NSW Foundation Font cursive handwriting worksheets, a great reusable resource for your classroom and students.
  • There are fifty NSW Foundation Font cursive writing worksheets to teach your students the basics of cursive writing.

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This download includes:

  • Beginner Cursive (basic cursive).
  • Diagonal Joins - The letters a, c, d, e, h, i,  k,  l, m, n, q t, u and z. Diagonal Joins - Words 1 and 2. Completed using NSW Foundation Font. 
  • Diagonal Joins to head and body letters - a and c, d and e, h and i, k and l, m and n, t and u. Diagonal Joins to head and body letters - Words. Completed using NSW Foundation Font.
  • Diagonal Joins to head - body - tail letter - f, plus a sheet of f words. Completed using NSW Foundation Font.

  • Horizontal Joins - the letters f, o  r, v, w and x. Horizontal Joins Words - f, o,  r, v and x. Completed using NSW Foundation Font. 
  • Drop on Joins - Sheet 1, 2 and 3. Completed using NSW Foundation Font. 
  • Letters that don't join - b, g, j, p, s and y. Letters that don't join - Words 1 and 2. Completed using NSW Foundation Font.
  • The quick brown fox completed using NSW Foundation Font.
  • Writeboard Lines worksheet for extra freehand practice.
  • Writeboards Plain template (for drawing, painting etc.).

The colour of the letters (in this printable download) are light blue. A lighter colour is required to establish that the joins are being made successfully.

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