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CVC Games Bundle - NSW & ACT Handwriting

CVC Games Bundle - NSW & ACT Handwriting

I purchased these for my son. He spends hours playing with them. He matches letters and pictures, he plays memory, and of course he loves experimenting making words and playing bingo with me.

If you do not live in NSW or the ACT, click here to get your child's individual handwriting style.

This printable download includes one hundred and twenty nine pages:

  • You will receive both Games Pack One and Games Pack Two.
  • This will give your child a total advantage of being able to spell words both with pictures and words (or use a combination of both).

Bonus: CVC Picture and Letter Grid (pictured above). You can place either pictures or letters on the grid and your child has to match them with either a picture or a letter.


What can your child do with this download?

  • Play games of bingo with yourself, friends or family.
  • Match the phonic pictures to the letters
  • Find the rhyming card or play I spy.
  • Find that cards that start with...
  • Learn to spell their CVC words using both letters and pictures.
  • Play independently (kids love making words by themselves).
  • Play memory or hide and seek (using both letter and pictures flashcards) and the list goes on...
    • This pack interacts with our entire Animal Phonics and CVC range and is recommended for ages 3 and up.