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Divided Lines - TAS Modern Cursive Font

TAS Modern Cursive Font Divided Line Worksheets

  • Writeboards® have consulted with Occupational Therapists to replicate this wonderful system which uses TAS Modern Cursive Font worksheets.
  • This download will teach your child (in the easiest format) where the letter begins and where it ends.
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    Most children know where the sky is in relation to both the grass and dirt.
      • Instead of your child having three plain lines in front of them, the three lines are in groups of colours. Divided Lines uses the concept of Sky, Grass and Dirt.
      • For example b starts in the sky and goes down to the grass and finishes in the grass, while p starts in the grass and goes down to the dirt and finishes back up in the grass.
      • After your child has mastered this system, they can easily adapt it to the three plain lines.

        This download includes:

        • The complete TAS Modern Cursive Font. lower case alphabet.
        • The TAS worksheets are grouped into TAS Modern Cursive Font letter families. As an example of this acd are part of the Anti-Clockwise Family.
        • Plain divided line worksheets to enable your child to learn to form letters without the help of a tracing worksheet.

        NOTE: This download is for HOME USE only. If you are a school, teacher, business or professional person you will require a Writeboards Site Licence.