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Dolch Words Flashcards - QLD Modern Cursive Font

QLD Modern Cursive Font Dolch Word Flashcards for Tutors & Therapists

Flashcards and bingo games for the three hundred and fifteen most commonly used children's words are all in this printable download. 

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What is the Dolch List?
In 1948 Edward Dolch (who was a Doctor of Philosophy) published a book called "Problems in Reading". This book listed the most commonly used words that are appear in children's books.
Based on his research he created a list of three hundred and fifteen words. Dolch said that if children could recognise these words by sight, they could learn to read faster and more efficiently.

  • Writeboards has completed the entire three hundred and fifteen words using QLD Modern Cursive Font (also known as QCursive).
  • Of these three hundred and fifteen words, two hundred and twenty of them are verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions and adverbs, the other ninety five are nouns.
  • The download will list the first two hundred and twenty words in graduated order from the easiest to the hardest, which will be then followed by the ninety five nouns. All of these words are in flashcard format.
  • There are also thirty separate bingo cards with up to twelve words on each sheet and a blank bingo card for you to fill in your own words.

NOTE: This download cannot be purchased separately. Schools, teachers, businesses, or professional persons will require a Writeboards Site Licence. 

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