Fluency Patterns

Fluency Patterns Worksheets

  • After consulting with Occupational Therapists, Writeboards found out that many of them use fluency patterns to teach children how to write.
  • These patterns will teach your child how to trace many different shapes and patterns and use different movements with their hand that will assist them to form both letters and numbers.

  • Writeboards fluency pattern worksheets will help your child to write both neatly and clearly, plus they will also teach your child how to control their pencil.

Remember when you had your first driving lesson in a car? On your first day, no one was trying to teach you how to reverse a car into a tight space...yet along the way you acquired that skill.

  • Fluency patterns are no different to this case scenario, They are just a helpful step along the way that will definitely assist your child's handwriting in the future.
  • This download includes twenty two different worksheets that will assist your child to learn to form both letters and numbers.
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