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Include the Writeboard in Your Enrolment Fee

Help save our environment by using our eco-friendly Writeboard products

Writeboards Eco-friendly products are saving trees on a daily basis 
Stop the destruction of trees and help save our Planet!
  • Over the thirteen years that we have been in business we have had many different deals that childcare centres have included in their enrolment fee.
  • Some other centres have had us design special package deals that suited their centres needs. For more information on this just contact us

Get Free Writeboards for Your Child Care Centre 

We have three options available for the parents of your students to purchase discounted educational packages.

  • These packages can only be bought through your childcare centre and they are not available anywhere else (including our website).
  • For each purchase that is made, your childcare centre will receive a Free Writeboard to keep and use for years to come.
To find out more about these offers, please contact Writeboards.
    NOTE: This can also be run as a fundraiser for your Childcare Centre. You will make $10.00 from each sale!
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