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Phonic Consonant Blends Worksheets TAS Modern Cursive Font

TAS Modern Cursive Font Phonic Blends Worksheets for Tutors & Therapists 

  • This TAS Modern Cursive Font printable download is colour coded. The consonants that are blended are orange in colour to enable your clients to clearly recognise the consonant blend.
  • All the beginning blends have worksheets that have a mix of two consonant blends on each page.

  • The flashcards (that have the combination letters on them) can be utilised so your clients can identify the right blend to put in the square for the word.
  • There are six examples of the phonic blend and six pictures per worksheet.

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This download includes:

  • Sixteen Flashcards with both the beginning and the end consonant blends that are colour coded in orange completed in TAS Modern Cursive Font.
  • Twenty one posters with beginning blends and endings, including six words and pictures per page completed in TAS Modern Cursive Font.

  • Twenty one worksheets with the beginning consonant blend missing. Each worksheet has a combination of two different blends per page completed in TAS Modern Cursive Font.
  • Twelve worksheets with end blends (including six words and pictures per page) completed in TAS Modern Cursive Font. 

    NOTE: This download cannot be purchased separately. Schools, teachers, businesses, or professional persons will require a Writeboards Site Licence. 

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