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QLD Beginners Font Arithmetic Bingo Game

QLD Beginners Font Arithmetic Bingo Game

This pack is a great place to start teaching your child the numbers from one to twelve using bingo cards, flashcards and games that use QLD Beginners Font (also know as QBeginners Font).

With this printable downloadable product you can teach your child:
  • How to count to twelve.
  • How to recognise the numbers from one to twelve using QLD Beginners Font.
  • Addition from one to twelve.
  • Subtraction from twelve to one.
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    This download includes:
    • Animal bingo cards x three, Animal bingo flash cards x twelve, Flashcards from one to twelve completed in QLD Beginners Font x twelve.
    • Object bingo cards x three, Object bingo flash cards x twelve. Mixed bingo cards x three.
    • Flashcards of all sums in addition from one to twelve (completed in QLD Beginners Font) x sixty six.
    • Flashcards of all sums in subtraction from twelve to one (completed in QLD Beginners Font) x sixty six.
    • Bonus bingo cards -  Animal Bingo (x 2), Object bingo (x 2), Mixed bingo (x 2).

    NOTE: This download is for HOME USE only. If you are a school, teacher, business or professional person you will require a Writeboards Site Licence. 

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