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Teach Your Child How to Write Their Name using SA Modern Cursive Font

Teach Your Child How to Write Their Name using SA Handwriting

Help your child learn how to both recognise and also write their own name using SA Modern Cursive Font handwriting.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee that your child will be learning to write their name using the best SA Font in the world.

Your Child's individual name will be made by Writeboards:

  • You will receive a digital file that you can keep forever.
  • As your child improves with learning how to write their name, you can reduce the size of their name by simply printing two, four, or eight sheets to a page.

  • The digital file can also be used with your child's iPad or tablet.
  • You will also receive a bonus wall poster that you can display in your child's room or even turn into a place mat.
To enable your child to write their name correctly using SA Modern Cursive Font they will need to practice!
  • Rather than waste reams of paper and printing ink teaching your child how to write their name, you could purchase one of our eco-friendly Writeboards.
  • The Writeboard will enable your child to use the same piece of paper over and over again. You only ever have to print once.
  • The Writeboard will enable your child to erase their mistakes and correct them, which in turn will give your child an increased sense of self confidence.
  • The Writeboard has saved 1,000's of trees so far and after nine years in business we will continue to save thousands more.
  • As a parent, you will save $$$ on printing ink and paper and be able to watch your child enjoy practising their name on our fun reusable board.

    This Download Includes:

    • Four versions of your child's first and last name completed using large letters on a plain page (not on lines). One has directional arrows, one is in dot formation, one is in outline lettering, and one is in bold formation.
    • Three versions of your child's first name completed on large dotted third lines using dots, outline and bold lettering.
    • Three versions of your child's last name completed on large dotted third lines using dots, outline and bold lettering.
    • Your child's full name completed on a poster that can be displayed in their room, used as a place mat or used anywhere that you would like to use it (all pictures are shown above).
    • Plain lined worksheet for your child to practice writing their name free hand. Each page had the SA lower case alphabet printed on the bottom of each page (for reference).
    • Your child's individual name will cost you less than $3.00 a page!

    NOTE: This download is not included as a free download with any of our Kits.

    How Do You Receive Your Child's Name?

    Once you have purchased this product, you be sent an email where you will fill in the details for your child's name. After we receive that information we guarantee that you will receive the download of your child's name within 48 hours of purchase.

      NOTE: This download is for HOME USE only. If you are a school, teacher, business or professional person you are able to purchase this download in bulk with our bulk discount. Please contact Writeboards to find out your special pricing.