VIC / WA & NT - Occupational Therapist Site Licence - Two Therapists

All our VIC worksheets and templates are backed with our Writeboards iron clad money back guarantee. We know we use the best VIC Modern Cursive Font in the world.

This VIC Modern Cursive Font Site Licence will allow two Occupational Therapist to use all the Writeboard templates with their personal students. Both Occupational Therapists must be in the same practice or business. The Licence starts from the date of your purchase and expires in twelve months time. 

You will be sent an invoice one month prior to renewal. This licence includes all the products that are pictured below the sites licences that are for sale. 

This Licence covers your personal students with:

  • The interactive whiteboard.
  • The student's individual tablets.
  • Our environmentally friendly Writeboard.

    If you have any ideas for worksheets and you know that other educators would also benefit from them as well, please let us know as we endeavour to make resources that everyone can use. 

    Congratulations on choosing to teach your students with worksheets that use the best font in the world! The parents of your students should be really grateful that you are their teacher and that you care.

    NOTE: This Licence is only available for two Occupational Therapists that are in the same business or practice. Using this Licence for any other purpose (than its intended use) would place the person/or persons who purchase this Licence in breach of copyright and liable for prosecution. All Site Licences purchased will be checked on by our Company.