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QLD School Handwriting

October 25, 2019

QLD School Handwriting, QCursive School Handwriting, QLD Beginner Font, QCursive Handwriting for Starting School

QLD School Handwriting

There are so many choices on the internet for QLD handwriting, however, please be Very Careful what you buy or download for Your Child.

Unfortunately there are many look-alike handwriting fonts on the internet and there are also many educational supply shops selling the wrong handwriting fonts on a daily basis.

The font that most schools in QLD use is called QLD Modern Cursive Font (also known as QCursive Font & QLD Beginner Font).
  • Writeboards use a font that has been designed by an ex-school teacher and font expert.
  • These fonts have been created by following very strict rules that are set out in the QLD Department of Education syllabus. 

  • Both the letters and numbers are formed in a very specific way, which includes both the angle and shape of each letter. Writeboards has used these fonts to create all our worksheets and flashcards. 

    Writeboards offer a 100% money back guarantee that you will be purchasing the Right QLD Handwriting for Your Child...

    The Best NSW Foundation Font Handwriting worksheets in the world for Your Child!

    • Writeboards also have a reusable writing board that will help your child to learn to form all their letters and numbers correctly or learn any school subject.
    "My kids love learning using their Writeboard. It is a wonderful tool for their education and eco-friendly as well. I love the fact it can be used to learn any subject".

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