Proudly Aussie Made & Owned!

Get Free Australian Worksheets Included in our Kits

Free Aussie Worksheets & Flashcards are included in all of our Kits

We have seven different Kits in our range:

  • In five of our Kits¬†a selection of¬†worksheets and flashcards has already been chosen for your child by teachers (depending on¬†whether¬†your child is¬†getting ready for school, or already at school etc.).
  • With our Basic & Home School Kit¬†you can choose the worksheets you think your child needs.

        All our Kits Include:

        • Our eco-friendly reusable writing board (our Writeboard).
        • Two whiteboard markers.
        • Our¬†magnetic eraser.
        • Our sturdy storage tin that doubles as a lap table for your child to use anywhere (e.g. in the car, on the lounge, in the park etc.)
        • Free worksheets & flashcards.¬†
        If you need any assistance choosing a Kit for your child, we are here for your help either via phone or email... contact us